The Inspiration that Led to’s Logo Design

Many people that I’ve spoken with know that I’m proud of the Recruit logo. I love telling the story about it, as it cleverly shares our vision for change in Human Resources Technology. Here are two fun facts about the Recruit logo you may not have noticed:


  • I Am Greater Than: Inside the triangle are the words “I Am” and they are surrounded by two legs of the triangle which form a “Greater Than” sign. The purpose of this is that we believe that people are greater than they often realize. And more importantly, they after often greater than most employers realize. We believe that candidates are more than a resume.
  • Press Play: The triangle is positioned to look like a play button. One of the major differentiators on Recruit is that we encourage all users to upload multimedia (videos, documents, pictures, etc.) The About Me video is the new cover letter. Showing a video of you doing whatever you’re good at boosts a hiring manager’s confidence that you’re more likely to be successful in that role. Sharing a hobby you enjoy, or photos of those you love, or art helps people understand that you’ll be a better fit for their culture.

People should use Recruit to connect for opportunities. A candidate’s profile should be a working, living document that they nurture and grow over time – choosing to share it with the world whenever they like.

Ira Bell

Co-founder & CTO @ Recruit