Top 10 Attributes Employers Seek in a Candidate

Have you ever applied for a job then received a letter from the recruiting agent in the mail saying ‘thanks for the application, will keep you on file?‘ When you get this letter you get that sinking feeling that there is no job on the horizon anytime soon. What do employers look for when hiring someone? What exactly are they seeking? Below summarizes what most employers seek in a potential candidate during the employment process.

  1. Teamwork – The potential candidate must be able to be independent, but more importantly work on as part of a team. Most projects call for multidisciplinary input and you must be able to cooperate and work efficiently within a group.
  2. Communication – This is an important aspect of any job or career. One must be able to verbally express their ideas clearly and confidently. Sometimes you may be asked to present in front of large groups as well and you must be confident when doing so. In addition, written communication is a vital aspect of any job and this is considered by all employers.
  3. Dedication – This is a key attribute that all employers look for in an employee. The employee must be dedicated and motivated and seek the company‘s best interest at all times. The worker must be proactive and bring ideas to the table.
  4. Flexibility – Most if not all employers want candidates that are flexible. Although certain key issues may be ironed out during the interview stages, the employer wants to know that they can rely on the employee in times of need. For instance, if an issue arises during the weekend or on a holiday are you willing to step up and solve the problem?
  5. Trust – We all know it’s the best policy. Employers want a potential candidate who is honest and trustworthy as they may be privy to the company‘s trade secrets or other confidential information.
  6. Time management – Anyone seeking a job must be able to manage their time properly. This is one of the most important aspects when applying for a position as you want to be able to submit all your assignments and work-product on time. The candidate must be able to multitask and efficient when it comes to deadlines.
  7. Competency – Let’s not forget that the potential candidate must be qualified for the position they are applying for. Some candidates who have recently graduated may not have the required experience and skills, but it is quite important to have the necessary qualifications to perform the advertised job. With training, coaching, and good soft skills one will acquire the experience.
  8. Willingness to learn – No one knows everything. Anyone who applies for a job regardless of their age, how experienced or qualified they are, at some point in time will need to learn something or the other during their tenure. Hence, the potential candidate will need to be open to learning and willing to accept change.
  9. Analytical Skills – The employee should be able to make informed decisions on their own when required. Employers are not looking for employees who need direction or input all of the time. They seek people who are able to analyze the situation and make decisions on their own.
  10. Punctuality – No employer wants to hire a candidate who is frequently tardy. Always practice punctuality as no one likes to be kept waiting. So if you need to avoid traffic leave home earlier or take an alternative route.

One can see that it is not rocket science when it comes to applying for a job. Just think about what you would expect if you were looking to hire someone.

– The Recruit Founders