How Do You Measure Career Success?

As one who has worked with, coached and trained over 11,000 people in 11 years, I’ve seen many different measures of success. The best measures are the ones that are meaningful to you personally (everyone is different!). But the common threads that come up most often are that people want to feel fulfilled, purposeful, impactful and valued in their work.

People want to use their natural talents and gifts in service to others, and they want to balance their work with their outside life. They wish to be making a positive difference with the time they have on this planet and be of service to others in meaningful ways.

Of course, they want to be well-compensated for their work, and make a good to great living, and be recognized for their contributions as well.

If you have started a new career and are eager to measure your success, give it one year and if you haven’t experienced any of these measures – happiness, joy, fulfillment, recognition, meaning and reward, value – then it could be time to consider changing directions.

There are 5 essential steps to an effective career change and if you don’t take these steps, you’ll most likely make some costly mistakes:

Step Back

For an empowered perspective of who you are, what you offer, what you’ve achieved, and why that matters

Let Go

Of the thinking, patterns, and behaviors that keep you stuck and unhappy

Say Yes!

To your most compelling visions for your life and livelihood

Try It On 

Physically and behaviorally “try on” new directions before you leap, to make sure they’re a fit

Create It S.M.A.R.T 

Build a realistic, doable transition plan, complete with Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely goals to support you on your new path.

Also, understand that career change takes time, energy, and commitment, and there are 8 critical stages of career transformation that bring with them different feelings and experiences. Expect that change will be a bit bumpy and nonlinear, but it’s so well worth it when done correctly.


About the author:

Kathy Caprino, M.A. is an international career and personal success coach, writer, speaker and leadership developer dedicated to the advancement of women worldwide. Considered a “brave up” expert for professionals, Kathy is the author of Breakdown, Breakthrough,  and Founder of Ellia Communications, Inc. and the Amazing Career Project and Amazing Career Coach Certification training.  Kathy is also a Forbes, Huffington Post and LinkedIn contributor, TEDx speaker, and top media source on careers, women at work, leadership, success and personal growth, For more info, visit and connect with Kathy on Twitter, FB, LinkedIn and YouTube.