How to Avoid Unsuitable Interviews

Well, there went your morning.  That job interview you just had? It wasn’t what you thought it would be.

Before each interview, you prepare, you suit up, you commute. You wait your turn. You fill out forms. Finally, you’re called into the interview. You dutifully answer questions, showing your best self in the process. But sometimes, soon into the interview, you and the employer realize it is not going to be suitable arrangement. Can these interviews be easily avoided?

Yes. With today’s convenient technologies, applicants as well as employers no longer have to waste time on fruitless interviews.


For applicants: By utilizing a comprehensive  professional profile, complete with images, a video cover letter, and a traditional resume as well.

For employers: By posting videos specifically tailored to the job opening.


The Power of Video for Job Placement

When candidates prepare videos of themselves in their element, you get a sense of their personalities – something you can’t do with a 2-D, text-only resume.  In addition, using video, candidates can demonstrate their professional skills in a succinct, visible way.

Specifically, candidates can enhance the information on their resumes by posting three short videos to their professional profile: A cover letter video, a professional realm video, and a personal realm video.  By watching a video, or a series of short videos, employers get enough of a sense about a candidate to forgo the first interview stage. No more wasted commutes for the candidates, nor half-hour slots for both parties – you can just skip straight to the second round.


Job-Specific Videos

Candidates often gather any information they can find about  the hiring company, be it the company’s website, other online information, or word of mouth.  However, company-background research is not necessarily specific to the open position for which they are applying. Employers can still ensure that job applicants not only learn about their company culture, but also gain understanding about positions for hire. How? By tailoring company videos specifically about  the jobs available.

By creating tailored job videos, employers raise the chances of attracting the most suitable candidates.  Employers can also utilize the tailored videos to promote the jobs to targeted niches, further increasing chances of attracting the right applicants. All told, tailored job videos helps ensure that both employer and candidate are on the same page about what’s in store for the job.


Take the Next Step offers a portal for matching candidates’ professional profiles with employer profiles. Candidates post their resumes, video cover letters, images of their professional and personal lives, professional videos, and personal videos. Employers post information about their companies, and can also include tailored videos about each job. Whether you are looking to hire, or looking to be hired, check out what Recruit has to offer, and get started!