How to Have an Outstanding Professional Relationship with your Boss

One of the most important keys to success is having a good, solid, professional relationship with your boss. While it is everyone‘s job at the company to accomplish the tasks necessary to keep the business heading in a forward direction, it is also in the interest of the boss to have a positive relationship with all of their employees. A proper, professional relationship with those that he or she works with every day is a natural one considering that they spend more time with you and your co-workers that arguably anyone else.

The same is true for you as an employee in the company having to spend several hours each day working in a productive environment. Because of the nature of the boss/employee status, it may seem at first like having a professional relationship may be difficult to achieve. However, it is important to strike the right balance in how you work and treat your boss so that you can get the tasks accomplished and be rewarded in the future with opportunities both inside and potentially outside the company.

A good, professional relationship does wonders to boost the moral, productivity, and overall atmosphere where you work. If you want to get more out of building a professional relationship with your boss, then here are five solid tips that will help you along the way.

Meet With Your Boss Regularly

This is arguably the best way to build a professional relationship with your boss as a monthly meeting can do wonders for your career. Your meetings do not have to be long or that involved, but for those who care about what they do at work a regular meeting will help in a variety of ways. For example, a monthly meeting can be about your overall performance and any observations the boss may have made. Plus, you can offer suggestions about how to improve certain aspects of what you do, discuss current projects, and make sure that you are meeting your boss‘s goals.

Plus, this type of meeting really takes away from the tension of periodic performance reviews since you are meeting with the boss regularly to stay on track.

Showcase your Initiative and Innovative Spirit

There is little doubt that every boss wants employees who are interested in taking on new projects and stay motivated throughout the day. You can demonstrate your drive by taking some of the suggestions that come your way. Plus, at meetings where new ideas are being presented, you can volunteer to help make one of the suggestions work or provide your own in case there is a lack of conversation. When you work, keep a running tab of what type of improvements, services, or issues that need addressing and present one or more of them at the appropriate time.

Your purpose is to showcase your willingness to take on new tasks and your innovative spirit with your boss. Naturally, you will not want to take on more than you can handle, but you will want to show your interest and investment in helping the company grow to new heights.

Be the Best You

The phrase “be yourself” is overused, but there is a lot of truth when it comes to having a professional relationship with your boss. You do not want to present an image that is not who you really are since they can be seen through fairly quickly. Instead, if you are having issues at home or some type of trouble it is best to open up with your boss about it just to keep them advised about your current situation. Everyone has issues and problems they are facing, so it is best to simply be open about something that is happening so that your boss does not have to guess about any slip in your production or change in behavior. In addition, by being proactive about upcoming events you can work with your boss to get the time off you need while still being a productive member of the team.

Be Open, but Respectful When Communicating with Your Boss

Everyone has ideas that turn out to be duds, including your boss. However, just how many times have you told your boss that their idea is probably not very good? While that may sound like a conversation that will never happen, you should instead find ways to communicate your concerns in a very respectful manner. For example, by making an alternative suggestion or personalizing the way that their idea may not be so great, you deflect any tension and instead provide something else for them to consider.

Remember, you were hired for the skills and experience that you bring to the job. When a boss is making suggestions, it‘s important that you listen, consider, and respond when you see obvious challenges or when you have one of your own that you feel may work better for that situation. It helps to keep everything in the spirit of trying to improve work production or providing better services.

Your Boss is also a Human Being

It can be easy to lose sight of the fact that your boss is a human being just like you. While you may see them pressing on and leading employees in their tasks, they also have the same issues that you have to deal with on a daily basis. You can help establish a good relationship by asking a casual question about how they enjoyed their weekend for example. All you are trying to do is communicate on a more personal level and remember to keep things light and casual. If the boss is appearing to have a bad day, you don‘t want to ask the wrong question at the wrong time.

The purpose of building up a professional relationship is not to become friends with your boss, but instead to open up the lines of communication so that you can reap any potential rewards that may arrive. While your success will depend on work ethic, taking on new tasks, and accomplishing the goals of the company, your professional relationship with your boss will help facilitate your advancement.

– The Recruit Founders