Top 10 Things Employers are Looking for in Job Seekers

Before an applicant gets the job he or she wants, the employers make sure first that they are able to meet all the standards, requirements and qualities that they are looking for in a job seeker. Today, there are a lot of fresh graduates who are seeking a job to start to make their way in the world. We know there are lots of companies that seem to have lots of openings, but why do some individuals still struggle to find employment?  They want to make sure that the applicant has the capability to do his or her job and responsibilities.

The following are the top 10 things employers are looking for in job seekers. If you are one of those job seekers, make sure to consider the following:

  1. Good Communication Skills – This includes written, verbal, listening skills. The ability of the applicant to communicate with the employer is perhaps, the most important of qualities. The ability to write, listen and speak effectively as well as facilitate communication is a crucial quality that is needed in every profession.
  2. Research and Analytical Skills – The ability of the applicant to assess every situation, posses the ability to look at things from multiple perspectives, identify key issues and gather important information (if necessary) is also an important quality employers are searching for in a job seeker.
  3. Technical Competency – Almost all positions need certain skills in computer and technical aspects these days. This is important especially when the employer requests you to perform such kind of skill. At a very minimum you should be comfortable with basic Office applications, whether Microsoft or Google (e.g., Excel, Google Docs, etc.)
  4. Dependability – Employers want an employee that comes to the working area on time and has the capability to meet deadlines and targets, and work at their best.
  5. Persistence and Determination – Managers usually give the employees with challenging goals and tasks, which from their perspective is typically an achievable assignment or set of tasks. Employers want to recruit someone who will be persistent and see these goals through to completion.
  6. Flexibility – The employers and employees must react quickly and flexibly especially in the changing condition of the business.
  7. Ability to Work with Co-workers – Managers and employers want an employee who can work, deal and get along with co-workers comfortably and effectively despite different circumstances that might occur.
  8. Eagerness to Learn New things – Employers want to recruit or hire a job seeker who is willing to add their skills and knowledge base like finding new information, expanding concepts, exploring new ways and other things.
  9. Loyalty – Companies want a trustworthy person and can work professionally in order to meet the interest of the employers and clients.
  10. Professionalism – Employers also want job seekers who act in a fair and responsible manner especially with personal and work activities. For employers, showing this is a sign of self-confidence and maturity.

– The Recruit Founders