Top Ten Things Every Candidate Looks for in a Company

Just like every company has certain expectations from the candidates that come to be feathers on its wings, every candidate has a list of expectations from the company as well; just like it is not very difficult for an organization to recruit suitable candidates for itself, it is not very difficult for well-qualified candidates to find good organizations for themselves, either!

Thus, to recruit the best candidates for its business, an organization has to make sure that it meets at least most of the expectations of the candidates. Following are the top ten things every single candidate looks for in a company:

Excellent work environment –

Believe it or not, candidates come to know whether an organization is worth joining or not. As soon as they enter the office, they sense the work environment depending on the behavior of the interviewer and the already existing employees.

Well-furnished office –

If you have a newly set organization, no one can expect the floor to be well-furnished; yet, you need to make sure that there are proper chairs, ventilation systems, tables, computer systems, etc. so that the candidates are comfortable while waiting for their interview rounds.

Good salary –

Unless your organization offers them a good salary in the recruiting process, candidates are least bothered to work for your business.

Incentives and bonus –

Every employee earns salary, but if you offer incentives and bonus facilities to the well-deserving candidates, they always take up the offered jobs.

Open communication –

Whether it is a good feedback or a bad one (appreciation or stinker), every candidate wants to have an open communication right from the recruiting process itself.

Respect for their time –

Every organization needs to respect the candidate‘s time; if they are scheduled for an interview, make sure it isn‘t delayed.

Ability to complete the interview process –

Some of the organizations choose some candidates and tell the others to leave, even without interviewing them. This messes up the motivation level of those that are not interviewed.

Achievements of the organization –

Every candidate wishes to work in an organization that has a nice name in the market; thus, it becomes your duty to inform them about the achievements of your business.

A good impression –

If you really want to hire the best lot for your organization, impress the candidates. Serve them refreshments or at least beverages when they wait outside for the recruiting process to start.

Politeness –

Never tell harsh words to your candidates, even if they aren‘t selected for the jobs.

– The Recruit Founders