Working in the Office While You Are Sick. Good Idea or Bad Idea?

It is important to make sure that you show up to work on a regular basis. Having a great attendance record at work is something that should be commended and will help you earn promotions overtime. However, if you are really sick, it is not a good idea to go to the office. Your career is important, but going to work when you are sick is not the best thing for you or for your fellow employees. Your employee would actually want you to stay home when sick than to try and power through a work day.

Here are two reasons why going to work when you are sick is a bad idea:

Harder on Your Health

When you come in to work sick, most people are scared of being docked work days and are trying to make sure that they get in their hours. However, going to work when you are sick can actually have the opposite effect. In the long run, it might actually cause you to miss more work days and could even cost you big in medical bills. Going to work when you are sick will mean that it takes you longer to recover and can even compromise your immune system. It is actually harder on your health to try and go to work than to just take the day off. Giving your body time to recover is the best thing that you can do. You will actually miss less time if you take care of yourself right away when you first get sick.

Infecting Others

It should also be noted that your employer does not want you making those around you sick too. This means that coming to work when you are sick only increases the likelihood that other people in the office will get sick too. This is something that your whole team wants to avoid. This means that your boss would rather you call of sick for a day or two than to come into work and infect your fellow employees with your illness. You are not only doing yourself a favor when you stay home sick, but also those that you work with. It really is quite selfish to go to work when you are really sick. Colds and flus are contagious and can be passed onto other very easily in office settings.

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