Pros and Cons of Working the Graveyard Shift

For many people, working the graveyard shift is something that they need to do when a recruit is starting a career, looking for higher wages, or as simply a required part of the job that they want to pursue. It is against conventional standards to work a shift outside the typical 9 to 5 that most workers enjoy.

Working this type of shift has been going on for well over a century and there are certainly positive and negatives to putting yourself through this process.


There are a number of benefits that working this type of shift brings, particularly for those who like a non-traditional schedule and can make the adjustments.

Higher Pay: Generally speaking, graveyard shift workers receive a pay raise that is roughly 10% higher, sometimes even more, in compensation for working under these types of conditions. Employers understand that working the graveyard shift is generally undesirable which is why they offer more pay.

Easier Commute: It‘s amazing when you don‘t have to drive during rush hours just how easy it is to get him to work. This is especially true for those who have to travel a long distance or must go on major highways as they will be going in the more open lanes while watching the vast majority of people travelling in the other direction.

Better Weekday Experience: With banks, loan offices, and other institutions open mostly during weekdays, it is a lot easier to get things done without having to take off from work. This is perfect for doctor or dental appointments and any other business that is best handled during the weekday.


With all the advantages of working the graveyard shift, there are definite issues that crop up when you work the graveyard shift.

Tough on Families: For those with families or in a relationship it can be a struggle to work the hours when they are asleep and try to get some sleep when they are awake. You can miss out quite a bit with your family while working this shift.

More Difficult Weekend Hours: While the weekday may seem great for those who have a job working the graveyard shift, the weekend is another matter entirely. Depending on the first day of work during the week, this may mean sacrificing either Sunday or Saturday when it comes to your enjoyment.

Sleep Deprivation: Arguably the worst aspect of working this type of shift is how difficult it is to get the proper amount of sleep. It can be quite difficult to sleep during the daytime and statistics show that more people who work this shift are involved in car accidents and other types of incidents directly related to their sleep deprivation. It takes some preparation and willpower to minimize the effects, but it is an ever-present problem for this type of job.

In the end, working the graveyard shift offers definite benefits while under trying conditions. For those who start their job working this shift either as a recruit or transferring from another shift, it can be a trying experience at first. However, if you make the right preparations in properly adjusting to the hours it can be a very rewarding adventure. Plus, you will earn valuable experience when working this type of shift that can pay dividends in your career.

– The Recruit Founders