The Value of a Graduate Degree

The emphasis on getting a good college education has resulted in millions of people getting associates and bachelor‘s degrees in order to find a good job. However, there is now a growing movement to get a graduate degree in order to increase the employment chances and benefits upon getting the job.

What is a Graduate Degree?

Essentially, a graduate or post-graduate degree is a Master‘s or Doctoral degree in a particular field. Generally speaking, a Master‘s Degree generally requires up to 36 credit hours of additional courses while a Doctoral degree is an additional 16 to 30 credit hours or more of additional courses above a Master‘s Degree.

Master‘s and Doctorial degrees are designed for teaching particular subjects once the experience has been gained through the lower degrees. In essence, a person earns a bachelor‘s degree and then works in the particular field to gain experience. At that point, they can then pursue a Master‘s and then a Doctoral degree if they want to teach at colleges and universities.

The Benefits of Getting a Graduate Degree

The most obvious benefit is that the person will gain an additional standing above and beyond those who simply have a bachelor‘s degree. However, there are other benefits to getting a Master‘s or Doctoral degree in addition to the greater standing when it comes to getting a job.

Higher Pay

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics discovered that employers pay about 15% more for those with a Master‘s degree than those who only have a bachelor‘s in the same field. This provides an automatic edge in terms of pay when pursuing a particular job.

Greater Commitment

Getting a Master‘s or Doctoral degree demonstrates a greater commitment to a particular field. Employers will notice that attribute and when combined with the right experience will make for a compelling candidate. However, it should be noted that getting a Master‘s and in particular a Doctoral degree might over-qualify you for some positions.

Higher Potential

Because you have a graduate degree, your potential for rising in the company or finding better work has improved considerably. This is particular true for someone who has gained experience with one company and can now progress faster in the system or getting hired for a higher position in another organization.

More Opportunities

Bottom line, the better your education and experience, the more opportunities you have for employment. This is because you are not only qualified for the job itself, but also to teach or instruct in that position as well. Many people make the career change from doing a particular job to teaching others about it at colleges, universities, or specialized schools depending on the profession.

Whether you should pursue a graduate degree immediately or gain some experience first will be up to you depending on the field chosen. However, there are many dividends to getting a graduate degree when it comes to your opportunities, potential, and pay for the employment that you seek. For those who have found a field that they want to excel, getting a Master‘s or Doctoral degree is very important for your career.